Company Overview – Orokia Israel Ltd

Orokia is one of the largest distributors of chemical products in Israel. The company imports and sells chemical products that are intermediates for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs,  crop-protection agents, oilfield and metal treatment applications and industrial and household cleaning products.

Orokia supplies a broad client base of local customers ranging from multi-national manufacturing subsidiaries to small local customers.

Orokia operates a cost effective and closely managed local distribution network from its Netanya based warehouses.

Orokia highly qualified sales force offers a resource which adds value to the business and establishes Orokia as a sound, resilient organization, capable of delivering growth opportunities for suppliers and customers alike.


Orokia, a privately held company, was founded in July 2005 and purchased the business of Rhodia Israel Ltd. the French multi national's subsidiary based in Netanya.

Inheriting from Rhodia (formerly Rhone-Poulenc) a hundred years of experience in the chemical industry, the combined skills and experience of the team guarantees that Orokia :

  • Ensures continuity and a seamless transition for all our customers and suppliers 
  • Continues to grow and prosper to the advantage of both our customers and principals.

Orokia Strategy

To be a leading chemical distributor to the Israel market by providing unparalleled service to our customers, superior growth for our principals and a highly rewarding work environment for our employees.

The principle of sustainable development is at the heart of Orokia's corporate philosophy. Global performance being measured by a combination of commercial success together with a respect for the social and environmental obligations that bind all parties : customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local communities.

Orokia Environment and Quality Policy

  • A high level  of quality, environmental protection and safety are our priorities in everything we do.
  • In Orokia, we establish clear goals and objectives for all our employees with the aim of enhancing their awareness of the environment, safety and quality issues.
Address: 12 Beni Gaon St., Ind Area – Kiryat Nordau, Netanya 4250801  Telephone: 09-8633030    Fax: 09-8633031    E-mail: orokia@orokia.co.il