Food & Feed Additives Agrochemicals



Orokia offers products to the food industry from a large number of suppliers worldwide.
Flavours, including vanillin & ethyl vanillin.
Highly specialized in fiber and protein designed for the nutriceutical market.
Specialty phosphates for the bakery industry and other food segments.

Animal Feed

Orokia represents major European producers of nutritional ingredients:  amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and large range of feed additives. Orokia  offers both powder methionine and hydroxy-analog liquid methionine.
With the support and co-operation of our principals, Orokia brings solutions to problems specific to poultry, pigs and ruminants.


Orokia also offers a wide range of surfactants, antifoams, polymers, hydrocolloids, silica and green solvents to provide our customers with innovative technological solutions for liquid and dry formulations, seed treatment and adjuvants.

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