Markets & Solutions


Orokia's activities are built around its key business segments.
Orokia have a dedicated team which devotes its time to identify new sources and new products for the benefit of our customers.
Each business segments is managed by a Business Manager having a particular expertise and experience in the products used and the processes employed by our customers and offered by our suppliers.

Home & Personal Care

Orokia offers a wide range of products for hard surface cleaners, dishwashing applications and general cleaning applications including phosphates, silicates, specialty surfactants, thickeners and specialty polymers.

Orokia offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for hair care, skin care and oral care markets including a wide selection of premium surfactants, cationic polymers, active ingredients, herbal extracts, suncare ingredients, silicones and fragrances, utilized by our customers for a wide variety of applications ranging from stabilizers, thickeners, lubricants, gel and foam agents, UV filters and pearlizing agents and cosmeceuticals to name but a few.


Analgesics, aspirin and paracetamol, supplied in bulk across a wide range of grades and presentations tailored to suit the needs of our customers.
Other bulk active pharmaceutical  ingredients such as guaifenesin, salicylic acid and methyl salicylate,
Veterinary vaccines adjuvants to improve  efficacy and stability of vaccins formulations.

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